"Due to her personal extensive professional experience Mrs. Miroslava Hristova PhD Attorney at Law manages always to look at the different aspects of every complex case. We appreciate her comprehensive and in depth legal knowledge and we could underline her competent advices regarding every single case. She acts always with great commitment and successfully represents and protects the company’s interests in its relations with commercial partners, third parties and state authorities."

"Our factory gains from her comprehensive knowledge in the legal area, international education and extensive professional experience and thorough knowledge of the local and economic specifics as well. Mrs. Miroslava Hristova PhD Attorney at Law is working in our interest systematically and professionally and ties beneficially together the economical pragmatism and the profound legal work. The legal services rendered by her are always very precise, understandable and absolutely relevant to the company’s needs."

"Mrs. Miroslava Hristova PhD Attorney at Law accomplishes the assigned tasks professionally and with the due diligence. She has comprehensive and fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge in the EU Community and national law, distribution relations, labor law and tax law. The terms and expenses are fully and contiguously observed. Mrs. Miroslava Hristova PhD Attorney at Law is known by her personal engagement and she is always a trustful partner in all company’s projects."

"From the very beginning of our mutual work, Dr. Hristova demonstrated deep theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply it in her legal performance. We can count on her high erudition and practice gained through her studies as a Master of Law, PhD of Law and future LL.M and as well through her active legal background as an Attorney-at-law. Last but not least, Dr. Hristova is a professional with high moral standards which is highly appreciated by the Association."

"We have smoothly and successfully finalized our projects because of Dr. Hristova’s professional attitude, broad thought and attention to detail and as well her ability to work in a team with foreign lawyers. Her perfect German language skills were also an integral part of the excellent final product."

*The clients' names may not be disclosed pursuant to art. 8, para. 3, point 4 of the Attorneys' Code of Ethics.