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Here you can find out about the developments and current changes in legislation and also read selected and interesting court decisions that are important for the economic and legal development in Bulgaria. You can also read news from our law firm.



Legal requirements for price reductions

The article discusses the legal rules and restrictions on price reductions that retailers must comply with.

New changes in work relationships in Bulgaria

The article summarizes briefly the changes in the regulation of labour relations that occurred as a result of the legislative changes.

Transpose of the Whistleblower directive in Bulgaria

The term “whistleblowing” describes the process of reporting breaches of law in companies, organizations, and state administrations.

Prohibition to perform competitive activity by a partner in a LLC

The limited liability company (LLC) is a favored kind of form to do merchant activities in Bulgaria. Thus, the matter of shareholder’s rights and obligations in an LLC is of particular interest in business life, as various aspects of it are at the core of many theoretical papers and a…