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Company law/Reorganization and liquidation

Company law is one of the main areas of activity of our office. In the field of company law, we have been representing the interests of international and national companies – large, medium-sized and small enterprises, as well as start-ups. Our expertise covers all aspects of the company structure and over the years we have resolved extremely important issues related both to the internal structure of large corporations and in the relations of companies with third parties.

We offer advice to our clients during all phases of their company activity – from choosing the appropriate legal form and establishing the company, through the preparation of all company legal documents, internal procedures and contracts for management and supervision, to the transfer of the company or its dissolution.

Main activities

  • Comprehensive analysis, preparation of constituent documents and registration of personal and capital-based companies;
  • Assistance in issuing the necessary permits, licenses and tax registrations required by the legislation;
  • Drafting of current company documents, preparation, convening and holding of general meetings of partners or shareholders, registration of changes in the Commercial Register;
  • Preparation of internal conduct of business rules for the managing bodies and control board of the company, contracts for management and supervision, shareholder records and rules for maintaining such records;
  • Changes in the shareholding – increase and decrease of the capital, capitalization of cash contributions, contribution in kind of real estate, movables and receivables, transfer of commercial enterprises and parts thereof;
  • Consultations in financing transactions;
  • Legal due diligence;
  • Legal disputes between shareholders or between a company and its management or supervisory bodies;
  • Opinions and consultations, in the event of reorganisation, on possible courses action and recommendations for such courses of action;
  • Structuring the transaction, choosing the appropriate legal form for its completion and preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • Drafting reorganisation agreements;
  • Conducting negotiations and consultations in connection to the evaluation of the assets of the reorganized company and its capital structure, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the partners and shareholders;
  • Preparation of all corporate documents necessary for launching the liquidation procedure;
  • Preparation of documents for convening and holding general meetings of the partners or shareholders, selection of liquidator/s;
  • Preparation and submission of documents for deletion of the trader from the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency; 
  • Consultations and assistance in all transactions and actions for the liquidation of the trader’s property, collection of receivables, fulfilment of obligations and distribution of the collected funds among the partners or shareholders.