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Contract law

Our main motto is preventive law above all. Well-thought-out and economically and legally structured contracts are the basis of any successful business. Their preparation requires in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and the entire market in which they operate, as well as the mechanisms of the respective business.

Contract law, in which our team has extremely rich know-how and long-standing experience, is one of the most important areas of expertise in our office. For many years we have been a trusted partner to our clients in all business matters, knowing their business in a way that we can contractually protect their interests.

Main activities

  • Comprehensive analysis of business investments and projects and preparation of all types of contracts in connection with a specific project or operational activities of our international and Bulgarian corporate clients;
  • Representation of clients in negotiations in the country and abroad;
  • Advice and comprehensive legal assistance in connection with securing, performing or non-performing contractual obligations and indemnifying any damages resulting from non-performance, termination, cancellation and annulment of contracts;
  • Settlement of non-contractual relations resulting from tort/delict, negotiorum gestio or unjust enrichment.