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Real estate and construction law

The acquisition and operation of real estate require economically optimized and appropriate decisions taken on the basis of extensive expertise and experience, as well as on the basis of excellent knowledge of the industry and the market. Our team of experts has business thinking and prepares its opinions and proposals not only in compliance with the current legal framework, but also taking into consideration the economic interest of its clients in the field of real estate and construction law.

We provide full assistance to our clients in all matters relating to real estate and construction: from the process of choosing suitable real estate and its acquisition, through the construction and commissioning of the buildings and facilities, to the development of mechanisms for their operation.

Our work also involves rendering legal assistance in securing financing for real estate acquisition transactions, as well as assistance in all relevant taxation and company-related legal matters.

Our lawyers are specialists in the drafting of legal opinions and providing legal assistance in the process of reviewing the property, changing its purpose and the issuance of permits and documents according to the regulatory requirements, as well as in the preparation of construction contracts, design contracts, supervision and investor control contracts, as well as contracts for construction and lease of office buildings and retail outlets.

Our goal is always to plan ahead, identifying any potential problems and protecting our customers against such problems. However, should a legal dispute arise, we would provide highly qualified representation in the court or arbitration.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in real estate and construction law we have built a well-established network of distinguished professionals who assist us at every step of our client’s project. These include brokers, architects, designers and construction experts.

Main activities

  • Real estate due diligence; assistance in clarifying property and construction related issues and the need for changes in the construction status of properties;
  • Consultations and comprehensive assistance in structuring and completing real estate transactions, including from the point of view of taxation and company law;
  • Full legal assistance in real estate financing transactions and in the provision of collateral for loans, negotiations with banks and creditors. Trust Management;
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts and notarial deeds; Real estate representation;
  • Providing full legal assistance in the development and commissioning of buildings;
  • Preparation of contracts for financial and operational leasing of real estate;
  • Preparation of construction contracts and lease agreements for manufacturing, commercial and office spaces;
  • Preparation of internal rules for management of commercial and office space – shopping centres, retail parks, industrial parks, office buildings, mixed-use buildings;
  • Full legal service of rental relations in commercial and office space, including shopping malls, retail parks, single locations, etc.;
  • Procedural protection in disputes over property rights and other real estate rights or in commercial or administrative disputes related to real estate.