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Start-up companies

In order to ensure the desired success for any start-up company, extremely detailed market research and review of the current legal framework is needed. Any investor who has not yet taken steps to set up their own company can seek our help and trust our extensive experience with start-ups so we can provide them with guidance and outline the legal framework that the future business project is to comply with.

As a strategic partner of our clients who want to start their own business, we provide a comprehensive legal service: from the general matters relating to the establishment of a company, through the financing of the project, to the hiring of staff and starting of the business in compliance with all administrative and other applicable legal regulations.

Main activities

  • Preparation of the full package of documents necessary for the establishment of a company, tailored to the specific needs of the client and fully consistent with the client’s future business activities; Registration of the company with the Commercial Register and any other relevant government authorities, if the activity is subject to licensing;
  • Ensuring the full cooperation of the newly established company in connection with the overall organisation of the business activity, preparation of its internal acts and procedures, hiring staff, employment related documents, training of employees in relation to the legal framework relevant to the company’s business activity, etc.;
  • Comprehensive legal services in connection with leases, construction and supervision contracts, contracts and negotiations with financial institutions in connection with the financing of the business activity, contracts and negotiations with business partners;
  • Preparation of the contracts and documents required for starting a business activity – sample contracts, general terms and conditions for the sale of goods and services, etc.