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Meet our team

The success of our law firm rests on the skills of our entire team. At Dr. Miroslava Hristova Law Firm, you will meet experienced, committed and ambitious people who enjoy developing intelligent and personalised solutions.

One of the biggest advantages of our law firm is the fact that we are a small team, which allows us more flexibility and better time and resource management. Each team member knows their role in the projects, so we do not need to waste time synchronizing and distributing tasks. The trust among our team members and our ability to coordinate our tasks in a prompt and efficient way help ensure the delivery of the highest quality service to our clients.

The personalised approach to each client, the careful elaboration of every detail and the provision of legally compliant and practice-oriented solutions that are fully aligned with the client’s business strategy are the key objectives of our work. Our desire is not only to satisfy, but to exceed our clients’ expectations.