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Labour law

No business project would be successful without high performing and motivated employees with the necessary professional qualifications. This makes all legal relations in the field of labour and social security law the basis of every activity of our clients.

This is why the legal services are part of our main expertise. We have extensive experience both in the field of collective labour law and in the area of individual employment relationships and we have successfully defended the interests of our international and Bulgarian corporate clients over the years and continue to do so.

We advise our international and Bulgarian clients on a daily basis in preparing individual and collective employment contracts, concluding contracts with an employment law element with third parties, as well as in implementing effective management and employee participation programs.

Another main focus of our activity is the provision of employment law advice for company mergers and acquisitions. Where necessary, we also represent our clients in labour law proceedings.

Main activities

  • Complete structuring of individual employment relations. Preparation of individual employment contracts and job descriptions;
  • Preparation of internal regulations and documents governing the internal labour organization (staffing plan, internal labour regulations, schemes for acquiring and improving professional qualifications, salary structure, etc.), as well as documents related to health and safety conditions of labour;
  • Preparation of any documents in connection with the optimization of the work process. Termination of employment (dismissals for disciplinary reasons, termination of an employment contract by mutual consent, mass dismissals, selection);
  • Preparation of documents related to the protection of employees, working hours and providing legal advice on a daily basis regarding any labour law related issues;
  • Preparation of documents and representation to the supervisory authorities in connection with the compliance with labour and related legislation;
  • Representation in labour disputes in all court instances;
  • Preparation of collective labour agreements, representation to trade unions in each phase of the collective bargaining process.